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Altadena, CA – Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to increase your home’s value and a good way to prevent cost, time, and trouble of future repairs. Having your house, driveway, deck and roof cleaned increases the value of your home and helps protect your largest investment. Last year we helped many home owners just like you in Altadena, CA add value to their homes.

Choosing a power washing contractor is not easy. Why? Because you are bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and bad information. From super-low prices and high pressure sales to unqualified contractors and near worthless methods, how do you ever find a qualified, competent and professional power washers or any type of cleaning contractor to take care of your needs?

We also have other great exterior maintenance and house cleaning services for decks, roofs, driveways and more. Please call 818-405-0883 for Free Estimates and more information!

La Vaughn's High Pressure System: About Us
About Us

La Vaughn’s High Pressure System has experienced more than 55 years in the pressure washing industry. We specialize in commercial as well as residential cleaning.

La Vaughn's High Pressure System: Our Services
Our Services

La Vaughn’s High Pressure System uses the right combination of products, techniques and equipment to do the best job. La Vaughn’s High Pressure System specializes in increasing property value.

La Vaughn's High Pressure System: Contact Information
Contact Information

We use hot water for the best cleaning results. We also bring our own water supply, which means you will not see a surprise on your water bill.